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Hetalia Day
Temple/Belton, TX

October 26th, 2013
Nolan Creek Park/ Hike and Bike Trail
9:30am- 5pm, come and stay for the whole time or just however long you want to!
You do not have to cosplay if you do not want to, but you can! :D
Bring Food (if you want) for everyone to help, food will be provided but it would be nice for some help.
Bring your friends! Anyone and Everyone is welcome!
We will spend our time hanging out at the park, playing on the playground, feeding ducks, and playing games! Bring games like Twister or charades or anything you would like to do!
First the rules for Hetalia Day will be discussed so that everyone has a safe and fun time!
If you have any questions contact me at Also, please refer to the Hetalia Day Website FAQ page (the code of conduct will be discussed)
You may bring a camera so we can take a group photo!  

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